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To Shareholders and Investors,

We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

We are pleased to provide this report on our business for FY2018, ended March 31, 2019.

In FY2018, the first year of the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan, we have been advancing our initiatives for “striving to become a high quality company that provides ‘Healthy Life through Foods’” in terms of not only our business but all of our “Three Responsibilities we must fulfill as a good corporate citizen (for customers, employees and their families and society).” With respect to our business performance in FY2018, the International Food Business expanded the business scale in each area into which it made an advancement and strengthened its revenue bases, while the Spice/Seasoning/Processed Food Business and the Health Food Business increased profits by working on the effective operation of marketing costs. As a result, consolidated net sales increased 1.6% year on year. Consolidated operating profit rose 7.8% year on year, a record high for the second consecutive year.

We have decided to increase our annual dividends for FY2018 by 6 yen, to 44 yen per share, which includes interim dividends of 22 yen and year-end dividends of 22 yen. In addition to this, we conducted the buyback of our 2 million shares in FY2018. As one of our important management objectives is to boost returns to shareholders, we will continue to actively consider measures for shareholder returns, while taking our performance trends into account. For FY2019, we plan to increase the annual dividend by 2 yen, to 46 yen per share.

We hope that we continue to count on your understanding and support.

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