Company History

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1913 Urakami Shoten, a company dealing in herbal medicines, was established in Matsuyamachi-suji, Osaka, Japan by founder Seisuke Urakami.
1947 Company was incorporated as Urakami Ryoshoku Kogyosho, Ltd.
1949 Company name was changed to House Curry Urakami Shoten, Ltd.
1960 Company name was changed to House Food Industrial Co., Ltd.
1962 Construction of headquarters in Fuse (now Higashi Osaka) was completed.
1963 Vermont Curry was launched.
1966 Stew Mix was launched.
1970 Technology Center (now Central Laboratory) was completed.
Sun House Foods was established.
House Delivery Co., Ltd. (now House Logistics Service Corporation) was established.
1971 Company was listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges, 2nd section.
Kukure Curry launched.
1973 Company was listed on the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya Stock Exchanges, 1st section.
1974 Tokyo head office (now Tokyo Head Office) was established, and relocated some head office functions.
1978 Tongari Corn was launched.
1980 New company logo and logotype adopted to go with the new slogan "House Foods for a wider world of fun home cooking."
1981 Los Angeles office established, expansion into the USA.
1983 House Foods & Yamauchi, Inc. established in California, USA (now House Foods America Corporation). Tofu business started in the USA.
First Curry House restaurant opened in the USA.
Commercial participation in Tokyo Disneyland®.
1984 House Insurance Enterprise Corporation was established (now House Business Partners Corporation).
1985 Delica Chef Corporation was established.
1988 The last day of a fiscal year was changed from November 30 to March 31.
1989 S Pack Corporation was established (now House Ai-Factory Corporation).
1993 Somatech Center (now Central Laboratory) was established in Yotsukaido, Chiba.
Company name was changed to House Foods Corporation.
Company operated from two head offices in Tokyo and Osaka.
New company tag line: "Designing intelligent living."
House Foods America Corporation was established.
1997 Tokyo Head Office building was completed in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo.
Shanghai Curry House Restaurant, Inc. was established.
2000 Taiwan Curry House Restaurant, Inc. was established.
2001 Commercial participation in Tokyo DisneySea®.
Shanghai House Ajinomoto Foods Co., Ltd. was established.
2002 Shanghai office opened.
Chinese retort pouched curry operations was developed by the equity method company Shanghai House Ajinomoto Foods Co., Ltd.
2003 House Foods Holding USA Inc. was established.
First Environmental Report was issued.
2004 New company tag line "Taste & Comfort" was adopted for the company's 90th anniversary.
Shanghai House Foods Co., Ltd. was established in China to manufacture and sell spices and seasonings.
Shanghai House Curry Coco Ichibanya Restaurant, was Inc. established.
House Food Analytical Laboratory Inc. was established.
Alliance with GABAN Co., Ltd.
Asaoka Spice K. K. became a subsidiary.
2005 Capital participation of Ichibanya Co., Ltd. in operation of curry restaurants in Taiwan.
2006 House Wellness Foods Corporation became a group company. (Became a 100% group company from October 2007)
House Foods America Corporation New Jersey factory construction was completed.
Beijing office opened.
2007 Taiwan business office opened.
All companies received ISO-14001 certification.
Korea Curry House Co., Ltd. was established.
2008 London office opened.
C1000 One Day Vitamin was launched.
2009 House Business Partners Corporation was established as a House Foods Group shared services company. (Note: Absorbed House Insurance Enterprise Corporation [insurance agent].)
House Ai-Factory Corporation was established with enhanced capabilities and S Pack Corporation as a parent company.
2010 Retort pouched curry business in China was consolidated in subsidiary Shanghai House Foods Co., Ltd.
2011 House Foods (Shanghai) Corporation was established.
House Osotspa Foods Co., Ltd. was established.
2012 House Foods Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established.
El Burrito Mexican Food Products, Inc. was established.
Horie Yamatoya Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary.
2013 Vox Trading Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary.
Moved toward a holding company system.
House Foods Group Inc. was established.
House Restaurant Management(Beijing)Co., Ltd.
House Restaurant Management(Guangzhou)Co., Ltd.
House Foods China Inc. was established.
2015 House Foods Taiwan Corporation was established.
Ichibanya Co., Ltd., Ichibanya USA Inc., Ichibanya Hong Kong Limited became a subsidiary.
Ichibanya International Hong Kong Limited was established.
2016 GABAN Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary.
Zhejiang House Foods Co., Ltd. was established.
2017 ICHIBANYA UK Ltd, was established.
MALONY CO.,Ltd, became a subsidiary.

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