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Striving to Become a High Quality Company that Provides "Healthy Life Through Foods"

Ever since the launch of "House Curry," from which House Foods Group takes its name, we have dedicated ourselves to providing "the warm and homely taste of House Foods behind every happy household in Japan." We are a food company that continually strives to bring a smile of happiness for our customers.

In order to realize our Group's mission statement—"Through food, we aim to be a good corporate citizen, connecting and collaborating with people to create smiles in their lives"—we are focusing on the theme of "striving to become a high quality company that provides ' Healthy Life Through Foods '" Our existing brands have continually enjoyed high popularity in the Japanese market, which we will continue to maintain and enhance. In the already mature market of Japan, we will concentrate on "Health Through Food" to enhance our ability to create value within our company to continually provide new value, and to become a high quality company that contributes to the whole of society.

For the overseas, we currently operate our tofu and soybean business in the U.S., curry business in China, curry restaurant businesses in various countries and are expanding business in Southeast Asia. We are also working to provide new culinary value to our customers to deliver the "world of food" through our experience in food production that we have cultivated and developed here in Japan.

In the future, we at House Foods Group will continually strive to provide a smile of happiness for our customers, our employees and their families, and society, through our food products.



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